Fall protection

Simon Fraser University expects all community member and contractors to adhere to WorkSafe BC, Part 11 – Fall Protection while on campus. For more information on Fall Protection regulation, visit WorkSafe BC.


  • For antenna licensees that require access to the roof: realestate@sfu.ca or 778.782.3400
  • For obtaining roof access permit: 778.782.3867
  • For inquiries on roof anchor systems: 778.782.3253


Fall protection equipment used on campus must all meet CSA or ANSI standards/certifications. Typical examples of the common equipment include:

  • Fall protection harness
  • Self-retractable lanyards
  • Single or double lanyard systems
  • Horizontal lifelines.
  • Rope grab systems.

Other/specialized fall protection equipment

  • Ladders

Ladders used on campus must be CSA approved with no physical alteration or damages. For staff, students or other SFU community members that need to use SFU ladders, please contact Facilities Services: 778.782.3852.

  • Scaffolds

Scaffold can only be constructed by qualified personnel as defined from the CSA standard and WorkSafe BC regulation. Scaffolds must be inspected daily by a competent trained person prior to the initial use for each day.

  • Mobile equipment

All lifts on campus must be operated, maintained and inspected by a trained operator/maintenance personnel. Training must be valid within 3 years or less for other specific mobile equipment. Where mobile equipment are used ensure Facilities Services has been consulted with regards to weight limitations and other specific site conditions/requirements.