Fall protection

Simon Fraser University expects all community member and contractors to adhere to WorkSafe BC, Part 11 – Fall Protection while on campus. For more information on Fall Protection regulation, visit WorkSafe BC.


  • For antenna licensees that require access to the roof: realestate@sfu.ca or 778.782.3400
  • For obtaining roof access permit: 778.782.3867
  • For inquiries on roof anchor systems: 778.782.3253

Site procedures & assessments

Fall protection plan

A Fall protection plan is required by WorkSafe BC when work is occurs at heights where workers are not protected by permanent guardrails, and from which a fall of 25ft or more may occur. At a minimum all Fall protection plans must meet WorkSafe BC requirements, which includes information on, but not limited to:

  • The fall hazards expected for each fall hazard area in the workplace
  • The fall protection system or systems to be used for each fall hazard area in the workplace
  • The procedures to assemble, maintain, inspect, use and disassemble the fall protection system or systems.
  • The inspection requirements for the anchors or anchorage used and the respective rejection criteria
  • The procedures/plans for rescue of a person who has fallen and suspended by a personal fall protection system, safety net or any other systems, without the ability to self-rescue

Refer to WorkSafe BC – Fall protection plan template for more detail or to use their form.

Roof access plan

Each proper access point to SFU roofs have Roof Access Plans posted beside or close to the entry point. Prior to access any roofs on campus, ensure to read, understand and follow the Roof Access Plans. To obtain access to the Roof Access Plans, please contact Facilities Services at: 778-782-3253

Risk assessment

SFU staff

As a staff that works for SFU, you and your supervisor are responsible to conduct a risk assessment on work activities conducted on campus. Specifically for fall hazards, the locations must be identified and assess for their hazards and the appropriate control measures to prevent falls.

External contractors

All Contractors are required to conduct risk assessment on their work/project, prior to starting any work on campus. Risk Assessments must be documented and be available on site. At a minimum the Risk Assessment must layout each task/job and provide their hazards and control measures.

Safe ladder use

Ladders used on campus must always meet CSA or ANSI standards and used in a safe manner. To ensure safe use of ladders, any person using ladders must be trained on the specific ladder that they are using, as well to implement and follow safe ladder practices and procedures.