Undergraduate Students

Loans: Out of Province Residents

If you are not a resident of B.C., you must apply to the province in which you qualify for residency status in order to access both the federal and provincial loan programs. Applications are made via the National Student Loan Service Centre.

Definitions of full-time and part-time studies vary for each province. To determine the definition for your province of residence, and for more information on application, please see your province's student loans website.

Click the province or territory of which you are a resident for more information

Please note: If your province or territory requires a Program Information Form (PIF) to be completed by SFU Financial Aid and Awards, please complete an Out of Province Course Load form and submit it to our office. This is a fillable PDF.


Please note: Loans offered by Canadian governments are available to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Landed Immigrants. If you belong to a different student group, please see our International Students (Including US) page.