Procedures for Appointment

51.14 The term of appointment for a Chair will normally be either three or five years.

51.15 Search processes for Chairs are advisory to the Vice-President, Academic.

51.16 There are three possible processes for selecting a Chair:

  • 51.16.1 Full search (internal and external candidates): requires a Search Committee
    • If a department wishes to include external candidates in the search there must be a further consultation in the department involving the Dean and the Vice-President, Academic. The VicePresident, Academic makes the final decision. 
    • The Search Committee will prepare a description of the position and the position will be posted and filled according to Article 23: Continuing Academic Appointments.
    • Faculty members, professional and support staff and students in the department will be formally consulted regarding qualities and attributes needed for the leadership of the department and invited to submit nominations. 
  • 51.16.2 Internal search: may require a Search Committee 
    • In a search that is not to include external candidates, a candidate for ratification from within the department will be identified through one of the following procedures, in order of preference: 
      • An election supervised by the Dean 
      • Another procedure suggested by the department and approved by the Dean 
      • A search using a search committee as described in Article 51.16.1, Full Search above 
    • 51.16.3 Renewal of the current Chair: requires a ratification vote 
      • A Chair may stand as a candidate for a subsequent term. If a Chair agrees to go forward for renewal, there will be a ratification vote as outlined below.
      • Detailed procedures for appointment of Chairs are contained in University Policy A13.02, Appointment of Department Chairs and Directors of Schools. 
  • 51.17 If a Search Committee is required, faculty members will make up the majority of the committee. The Dean of the Faculty will chair the search committee. As with all search committees, gender diversity must be demonstrated. Ratification Votes 
  • 51.18 In all cases a ratification vote of the recommended candidate will be held. 
  • 51.19 The vote will be organized by the Dean's office and the vote will be counted in the presence of a faculty scrutineer. 
  • 51.20 A positive ratification is one where a majority of those voting support the recommended candidate. 
  • 51.21 The Dean will forward a recommendation concerning the appointment to the VicePresident, Academic


Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 51: Academic-Administrative Appointments within the Bargaining Unit 

Policy A13.02, Appointment of Department Chairs and Directors of Schools

Policy A13.04, Terms of Appointments of Department Chairs/Directors of Schools and other Academic Administrators (Remuneration)


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