Other Academic-Administrative Appointments

51.52 In both departmentalized and non-departmentalized faculties, Deans may appoint other academic administrators. These include, but are not limited to, Directors of Programs or Centers and Course/Area Coordinators, and will be collectively referred to as Other Academic Administrative (OAA) Appointments, regardless of the position title.

51.53 The terms of OAA appointments, including remuneration, will vary with the scope and administrative complexity of the duties assigned, and will be decided by the Dean. OAA appointments may receive reduction in their teaching assignment, internal research grants, and/or research leave. All terms will be clearly outlined in the letter of appointment to the administrative position.

51.54 *NOTE: Insofar as policies governing academic-administrative appointments outside the bargaining unit contain provisions relating to the duties, responsibilities or privileges of Members of the bargaining unit, those provisions will not be changed without consultation as per Article 8.2: Joint Meetings.


Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 51: Academic-Administrative Appointments within the Bargaining Unit



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