Emeritus Eligibility

Eligibility for Emeritus Status, Faculty, Librarians and Archivists, and University Lecturers

Upon retirement, if a member has served Simon Fraser at one of the following ranks for 10 years or more, they will become Emeritus at that rank: Professor, Librarian/Archivist 4 (or above), and University Lecturer. The title is held for life.

The President may confer the title on other retiring members acting on recommendations from: 

Rank Recommender
Professor Department Chair and Dean
Librarian/Archivist 4 University Librarian or University Archivist, and the Vice-President, Research (for Librarians)
University Lecturer Department Chair, Dean, Vice-President Academic

General Process

In cases where the employee meets the criteria at retirement (this status is conferred after retirement always), then the Professor Emeritus/a status is confirmed in the letter letter from the President confirming their retirement. 


Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.