You have data. You need solutions. We can help. Simon Fraser University empowers you to turn data into action. 

The volume and complexity of data today is skyrocketing. Yet, many leaders are unsure about how to unlock data for impact. At SFU, we’re lowering the barriers for people to engage with big data. SFU connects you with the training and expertise you need to put your big data to work. Start your data journey today. 

How We Work


Your journey starts with us listening (and asking lots of questions). We spend the time to really understand your big—or small—data challenges.


Your data problems require diverse perspectives. We assemble the right team to collaborate with you and design customized solutions that meet your needs.


You expect valuable insights and impact. We bring experience, knowledge and cutting-edge approaches to deliver real results.

What We Offer

SFU connects you to leading experts across the data lifecycle to deliver insights and solutions. We closely collaborate with you to understand your needs from a holistic perspective. We focus on the outcome envisioned and assemble the right team to deliver. Our solutions are tailored to support your team’s work and its business or research needs. From consulting to customized workshops, we’re delivering big data solutions that drive organizations forward.  

Our team includes leading experts in:


Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analysis 

Business Analytics

Complex & Predictive Modelling

Computer Vision

Data Engineering

Data Management

Data Mining

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Statistical Analysis

Visual Analytics


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Bringing clarity to the clutter by delivering insights and solutions that meet the specific needs of your business or organization.


Customized training to build the skills your team needs to make better data-driven decisions for your organization, delivering hands-on instruction and guidance at your workplace.


Accessing the next generation of job-ready talent with the skills to harness data for positive outcomes through SFU Co-op opportunities, hackathons and innovative education programs.


Designing and leading sessions where we collaborate with you and your stakeholders to uncover opportunities and leverage big data to improve products, services or processes.


Connecting diverse partners from government, business and more with SFU’s leading researchers to address and solve compelling questions for our society, economies and communities.


This speaker series enables leaders to engage in thought-provoking discussions about the challenges that organizations face, gaining new knowledge to bring back to their organizations.

Event and Conference Bookings

An outstanding space offering state-of-the-art technology and exceptional service, SFU’s Big Data Hub is the ideal choice to host your next event or conference.

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Contact Us

Connect with Simon Fraser University's big data experts to learn how we can be your trusted partner for every step of your data journey. 

SFU’s Big Data Hub 
Applied Science Building, Room 10905
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive 
Burnaby, BC  V5A 1S6 


Phone: 778.782.7064


SFU's Big Data Hub is located on the Burnaby Campus of Simon Fraser University, at the south end of the Applied Science Building, Level 3 (Room 10905).


Directions to East Campus Visitors Parking

  • From Gaglardi Way, turn right onto University Drive East.
  • Turn left onto Tower Road
  • Turn left into the East Parking Lot. 

Walking Directions from Visitors Parking to SFU's Big Data Hub 

  • The Hub is located at the south end of the Applied Science Building, level 3 (Room 10905).
  • Walk west from the East Parking Lot to the Applied Science Building. You will enter on the 9th floor. Walk to the first left. Turn left and walk toward the blue spiral staircase in the middle of the Atrium. If required, there is an elevator on the right side of the staircase.
  • The Hub is directly in front of you when you get to the top of the stairs.

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