Co-op Subscription

Making big data talent more accessible

SFU is offering a Co-op Subscription Package that allows you to access a part time or full time co-op student by purchasing bundles of consulting hours, enabling more agile hiring to address your specific business or project needs.


  • Compared to hiring a traditional co-op student, this program lowers your risk by giving you more choice to determine how accessing the talent of an SFU co-op student works for you instead of committing to the standard four or eight-month contract.
  • This program makes SFU talent more accessible to employers from inside and outside SFU, who might have traditionally been unable to engage co-op programs, by offering more flexible hiring arrangements. The result is a process that makes it easier to tap into our experts that enable your organization to continually innovate.
  • Selected co-op students will be supervised by SFU’s Big Data Hub Lead Consultant(s), enabling you to leverage their support on your projects.

Case Study

SFU Advancement & Alumni Engagement (AAE) required technical resource support to improve their operational efficiency and efficacy by designing and developing technical and process improvements. The goal was to increase efficiency of the data workflow for their administrative data and increase their ability to make data driven decisions. This included generating reports, database management, developing batch loading solutions, creating novel solutions for data ingestion, analytics and forecasting. 

SFU’s Big Data Hub was able to connect AAE to student talent and a Big Data Hub consultant through the Co-op Subscription Package, providing the technical expertise they needed to complete this project successfully. Because of the flexibility of the program, AAE was able to complete this project within their budget and timeline constraints, something that would’ve been difficult if they went through the traditional co-op hiring process.