Academic Program List Component

The Academic Program List component displays links to the degree/program information housed in SFU's Academic Calendar. The List can be set to refresh automatically each term, ensuring that the information is always up-to-date. Alternately, a specific year and term can be selected.

This dynamically-generated list provides links to the various programs offered by a given department. The example, below, shows the Major, Honours, Joint Major, Minor and Co-op programs available from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology.

Using The Academic Program List component

1. Under the Other tab from the Sidekick, drag and drop the Academic Program List component into your page.

2. An alert will let you know that no department and degree level has been selected. Right click to edit the component.

3. Enter the required information. In the example below, the term is set to Fall 2014, the department is set to Interactive Arts and Technology and the degree level set to Undergraduate.

* Checking the ‘Hide headers’ option will remove the program heading and display the programs as a list.

4. Program information should populate once you accept the changes and an alert at the top will let you know which term information is being displayed. This will not be seen on the live site or if you preview and refresh the page in AEM.

Here is an example of the component with the following values:

Term: Fall 2014
Department: Interactive Arts and Technology
Degree Level: Undergraduate