Alert Box Component

The Alert Box component allows you to place an alert box on a page in your site for emergency communication purposes.

When should it be used?

Use the Alert Box component for emergency communication purposes such as alerting visitors to your site about a department closure due to a major weather system.

How to add an alert box

1. Create your alert message as a new page using the Thickbox template in CLF2 or the Pop-up template in CLF3 and CLF4. Keep the message short as it should easily fit on mobile device.

2 Add the Alert Box component anywhere on your site's home page. The component is found in the Other category of the Sidekick. 

3. Open the Alert Box component and select the page you created in Step 1.

4. When you're ready to enable the alert, check the Enable checkbox and re-activate your home page.

Note that the Alert Box contains embedded code and will only be rendered on the published site or in preview mode.

Tip: To display an alert on every page of your site, add it to your home page via Inherited Content.

Example of an alert box