Google Search Component

The Google Search component allows users to search through a sub-section of your site using Google's search engine.

When should it be used?

The Google Search component can be used when you want to limit the number of pages in a given search query. (Note that every site in AEM includes a Google search field in the top right-hand corner of the page that searches the entire site by default.)

Example of the Google Search component

This example of the Google Search component is configured to search within the "Components" section of the CMS Help site. Test it out by typing in a component's name (e.g., carousel) and clicking the Search button.

Configuring the component

To configure the Google Search component to search a sub-section of your website, click on the magnifying glass and navigate to the desired root page. The component will search that page and any child pages below it.

Tips: In order for the Google Search Component to work, the pages the component has been configured to search through must be:

  1. activated;
  2. indexed by Google; and
  3. not behind a login page (see Restricted Page Viewing)
In order for Google to index your pages, they must be linked to from another page — for example, as a main link in your left-hand navigation or as a link on your home page. After the pages have been activated and linked, it can take up to a week for Google to fully index these pages.