EASC's Mission

Our mission is to conduct innovative research that shapes the way in which we understand Earth’s evolution, and positions us to address the growing challenges of resource security and sustainability, climate change and natural hazards. We are committed to maintaining a diverse and vibrant research environment that provides outstanding training and experiential learning at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Earth Science is the study of the complex and diverse systems that characterize our planet’s past, present and future. Research in Earth Sciences is inherently interdisciplinary, integrating mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, biology and engineering. As geoscientists, we strive to understand the architecture and evolution of Earth and its environment, and advocate Earth Science literacy as critical for understanding natural processes that directly affect our lives. With this in mind, our department is structured to facilitate multidisciplinary research by investigating linkages between solid Earth, surface processes and resources. We take great pride in the strength and breadth of research we undertake. We house a wide range of research facilities and equipment that support state-of-the-art research. Researchers and students also have access to material characterization facilities in 4D labs, and the computational resources of WestGrid and Compute Canada. We are also home to the Centre of Natural Hazards Research, through which we facilitate research on geophysical processes that impact society.

Earth Science literacy and experiential learning is an integral part of the training we offer in both our graduate and undergraduate programs, facilitated through a combination of field and laboratory training. All research faculty are engaged in teaching, ensuring an enriched student experience and exposure to current research. Graduates from our Environmental Geoscience and Geology streams meet all academic requirements for professional registration with Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (and most other jurisdictions in Canada).