Allegra Whistler

Allegra Whistler

EASC Undergraduate Student

Graduated  2018 - B.Sc. (with Honours)

Major: Earth Sciences, Environmental Geoscience Stream

What got you interested in Earth Sciences?
I took a geology course in high school and found the class interesting. In university I was unsure what field I wanted to pursue, but knew I wanted to stay in Sciences. I rediscovered earth science through the EASC 101 course. Once again I found the class interesting and it came naturally to me. I also made one of my best friends in that course… never looked back.

What has been your best learning experience?
My best learning experiences in the EASC program at SFU have been all the field trips. They allow you to get outside, to get hands-on, and provide you with an understanding and appreciation of the diverse, complicated geology that makes up the beautiful province of B.C. The field work that comes with earth science also allows me to get outside of my comfort zone, which is something I like. 

What was your favourite course in SFU EASC?
EASC 408, allowed me to learn about the geology of B.C. and understand why the province looks the way it does, etc.

As an undergrad, did you work with faculty on their research?
I worked with Dan Marshall on a summer NSERC analyzing fluid inclusions for their composition. Also with Eileen van der Flier-Keller, on science communication and producing educational earth science lesson plans and workshops for youth.

What are you passionate about?
Nature, appreciating and understanding its mechanisms.

What advice would you offer current/future students?
Get out of your comfort zone: Network and meet new people - the friends you make in this program will be some of the most interesting people you know; don’t be afraid to work hard, get outside and get dirty! All these experiences will make you a better, confident, stronger, and smarter person.

What are your plans after SFU EASC?
World is an oyster! Travel, work in mineral exploration, continue doing Earth science outreach, do my part to tackle climate change.

EASC 408 - Regional Geology of Western Canada ("Cordillera Fieldtrip" - Canmore to Vancouver)