Hydrogeology modelling uses PC workstations and state-of-the-art flow and transport modelling software ( including Visual MODFLOW Premium with PEST and MT3D/RT3D, 3-D Explorer, GMS v.5.0, FEFLOW v 5.1 for 3-D finite element solute and heat transport, FlowpathII, Argus ONE for use with HST3D and SUTRA); Fracture Modeling software (FRACA v4.0 and FRACMAN); Hydrochemical Modelling software (including Solmineq, Phreeqc, Aquachem) and several other groundwater-related programs (e.g., AquiferTest, UnSat Suite Plus). The university also has a site license for ARCGIS and user agreements for obtaining spatial datasets.


We have a comprehensive suite of research software including a suite of Numerical Modelling Codes (e.g., Rocscience (DIPS, RocPlane, SWedge, Slide, RocFall, Phase2, Examine3D, RocLab), HCItasca, FLAC 4.0, FLAC 3D, UDEC, PFC, ELFEN, 2D/3D, FEM/DEM, 3DM Analyst, Polyworks, Clara-W, Clara 3D Limit Equilibrium, Geoslope).

Other Software and Computing includes ArcGIS 9.3, w/ Extensions, ArcINFO Workstation, WipFrag and SiroJoint.


Detailed Seismological modelling is carried out on Sun Blade and Ultra workstations with RAID storage. Seismic processing software includes: ProMAX 2-D, Paradigm Geophysical, GeoDepth, SeisX, Globe Claritas, and SMT Kingdom seismic interpretation software.