SFU Scholarships and Awards

All Graduate Fellowships, President's Scholarships, Private Awards, and Travel/Research Awards are now handled by the Graduate Award, Application, and Adjudication System (GA3)  For further information about this new system and how students can access this new system, please visit the following website http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/awards/FAQs/GA3SInfo.html

Below are brief descriptions of the main SFU merit-based scholarships/awards that are applicable only to Earth Sciences' graduate students.  For further details and the most up to date information, refer to the Terms of Reference which, as well as the application forms themselves, are available on the Graduate Award, Applicaiton, and Adjuciation System (GA3).  All scholarships/awards are contingent on the availability of funding, and the Terms of Reference may change without notice.  In addition to these scholarships and awards, there are also a large number of internal and external funded awards, ranging up to approximately $10,000 in value.  Please consult the graduate awards website for information on awards relevant to particular graduate programs.