People in EASC

SFU Earth Sciences carries out research and provides undergraduate and graduate education across a broad spectrum of the Earth Sciences. The strength of our program lies in its breadth, which covers both traditional and environmental aspects of geoscience - a strength which is fully reflected in our faculty, staff, and students. Our sixteen faculty study many of the Earth’s “spheres,” including the asthenosphere (convecting mantle), lithosphere (tectonic plates), hydrosphere (mainly groundwater), cryosphere (ice and permafrost), biosphere and atmosphere.

With such a range in research interests, augmented by the expertise of our three instructional faculty, we are able to teach our undergraduate students, and guide our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, in almost every discipline of the Earth Sciences. A number of our faculty also collaborate with social scientists and others in a range of disciplines to forge links between science and society.

Our faculty and students are also fortunate to have the assistance offered by eighteen Adjunct Professors, our Research Personnel, and our Visiting Scientists. We are currently home to over fifty graduate students pursuing both Doctorates and Masters degrees and we have several hundred undergraduates taking our courses each year.