Carol-Anne Nicol



Carol-Anne Nicol

Carol-Anne Nicol

EASC Undergraduate Student

Graduated  2018 - B.Sc. (with Distinction)

Joint-Major: Earth Sciences - Chemistry, Geology Stream
Minor: Political Science

What got you interested in Earth Sciences?
I started my career at SFU as a political science student. I ended up taking chemistry as a science elective in my first year, and it was taught by Daniel Leznoff, who was instrumental in getting the joint majors in chemistry and earth sciences started. He mentioned the program several times during the course, and I also met an earth sciences' student during that time who was really passionate about her studies. This prompted me to enroll in Easc 101 and eventually to switch to the joint major program.

What was your favourite course?
I was a big fan of EASC 403 (Quaternary Geology). It was far enough from my usual courses, with an awesome field trip to the Channelled Scablands in Washington state, and a great instructor - I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the course. I'm really glad I went out of my comfort zone and tried something new.

Why did you choose SFU EASC?
In my experience, compared to chemistry and political science, earth sciences is a very unique program at SFU. The many field schools help the students bond together and form a very tight-knit community. This made my university experience much more enjoyable.

As an undergrad, did you work with faculty on their research?
In my last year, I was awarded an NSERC USRA award and helped professor Dan Marshall on a variety of mineral deposits-related projects. I had the opportunity to conduct real life research, including fluid inclusion measurements, and contribute to a published paper!

What advice would you offer current/future students?
My advice to anyone getting started in Earth sciences is to get involved: attend student union meetings, volunteer for Round-up, help at events. Studying is great, but getting involved and making connections is also very helpful in the long run. It's also fun!

What are your plans after SFU EASC?
I'm currently pursuing a master's degree in Earth Sciences, also at SFU

EASC 403 - Quaternary Geology ("Scablands trip" - Washington State)