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"...making the switch from engineering to Earth Sciences opened my eyes to different ways of thought and using new techniques to solve familiar problems."

"Earth sciences, at the crossroads of numerous disciplines, appeared to me as the best choice to combine all my interests."

"Getting [to use cutting edge instruments and software] has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I consider myself extremely lucky for having had this opportunity."

"At SFU, I received excellent mentorship from my supervisor and others to help develop my skills in geology, communication, project management, critical thinking, and so much more."

"The instructors within the EASC department have a strong field-based background and expertise that spans all the fundamental aspects of the Earth science discipline."

Erik Young

Current PhD candidate

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"...you will probably spend time out in the field and working in the lab. In practice this means spending time working in some pretty remote and beautiful locations, and then learning a ton of skills back home..."