Careers in Earth Sciences

A B.Sc. in Earth Sciences sets the foundation for a wide range of exciting and rewarding professional careers. Our students and alumni go on to pursue graduate studies as well as professional positions in environmental consulting, the resource sector, government, and NGOs to name just a few. From data and laboratory intensive research to field-based work across the globe, Earth sciences offers challenging careers for all students passionate about science.



Our program covers a breadth of Earth Science topics relevant to society, but more importantly our faculty, researchers, staff and students are gender balanced, culturally diverse and welcoming.



Did you know the median salary in BC for a Professional Geoscientist (P. Geo) is $110,000 (>$50/hr) and the average employment rate is forecasted to grow by ~1-2% annually?



Do you love Science? Consider Earth Science! Whether you study the formation of critical mineral deposits or the source of potentially catastrophic earthquakes, Earth Sciences gives you the scientific training and skills to tackle any number of vitally important issues.



Earth Science is a challenging and rewarding Science! Whether looking at tiny crystals under a scanning microscope, developing 3D numerical models, or climbing to study glacier-capped mountains, we study the processes that form the Earth.

As with other professions like medicine, engineering and law, Geoscience is a regulated profession in Canada. Our programs prepare undergraduates for registration as professional geoscientists (P.Geo) in Environmental geoscience or Geology with Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia, the governing body that regulates geoscience practice in BC.

"Get outside"

An expedition in Skaergaard, East Greenland in 2017 to investigate how rocks and mineral deposits form in the roots of volcanoes.

Expedition Leader: Dr. Sam Weatherley
Expedition Team: Prof. Marian Holness, Dr. Jens Andersen, Dr. Brendan Dyck, Dr. Gautier Nicoli, Victoria Honour
Lab petrologist : Anne-Maria Dobsa

Directing/Editing: Freddie Smith
Laboratory camera: Andreas Thaulow
Location cameras: Gautier Nicoli, Jens Andersen and Sam Weatherley
Drone operator: Jens Andersen
Nuke artist: Johs Møgelvang
Sound design: Kevin Koch
Music: "Waltz of the Flowers" by Tchaikovsky

"Glaciers & Climate Change"

Science Inquiry Video:

featuring former SFU EASC Post-Doctoral Fellow, Laura Thomson

- Produced by SFU Faculty of Science in collaboration with School District 43 (Coquitlam)