EASC Graduate Student Funding Policy

The Department of Earth Sciences provides funding to graduate students in its MSc and PhD programs through a combination of Teaching Assistantships (TAs) and Graduate Fellowships. Students requiring TAs as part of their funding package are required to apply for and accept these positions. Research Assistantships (RAs) are typically provided from the graduate supervisor’s research grants. SFU also offers a variety of internal scholarships for which students may be nominated or apply.  

At the time an offer is made to an applicant, a minimum level of funding that the applicant can expect is specified. The recommended minimum stipend for both MSc and PhD students is set at $28,000 for Fall 2024. The funding specified in the offer letter is generally inclusive of scholarships*, fellowships, TAs and RAs, such that funding from RAs may be reduced or eliminated if the student has secured sufficient internal or external financial support. Subject to satisfactory performance in the graduate program, MSc students can expect to receive funding for two years and PhD students for four years.

Click here to view the EASC PhD Minimum Funding Policy

* The Department of Earth Sciences recommends that scholarships or awards less than $5000 be considered additional to the graduate stipend specified in the offer letter.