Current and Recent Research Projects

Engineering Geology & Geotechnics - Dr. Sergio Sepulveda: 

Rock Slope Failure Mechanisms and Related Hazards 

Hydrogeolgy - Dr. Diana Allen: 

Where did all the water go?

Sedimentolgy - Dr. Shahin Dashtgard: 

The sedimentology of shallow-marine depositional systems

Ore Deposits - Dr. Dan Marshall: 

There's gold in "them thar" hills! And much more...

Natural Hazards - Dr. Brent Ward & Glyn Williams-Jones

Investigating the natural hazards of Western Canada

Volcanology - Dr. Glyn Williams-Jones:

Understanding the processes driving active Volcanoes

Structural Geology and Tectonics - Dr. Dan Gibson: 

Tectonic evolution of collisional and accretionary orogens