EASC Research Groups & Centres

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Applied Research in Ichnology and Sedimentology

The ARISE research group conducts integrated sedimentological and ichnological studies of marine sediments, both in the modern and ancient.

Centre for Natural Hazards Research

The CNHR conducts innovative research on geophysical processes that are a threat to the population and economic infrastructure of Canada.

Coastal Hazards Research Lab

Studies on how coastal environments have been altered by extreme events (earthquakes, storms, and tsunamis) and gradual environmental changes.

Engineering Geology and Geotechnics Research Group

Our focus is applied research in geotechnics and engineering geology in the natural resources industries.

Glaciology Research Group

The SFU Glaciology Group conducts research into glacier and ice-sheet processes using geophysical measurements and modelling.

Groundwater Resources Research Group

Hydrogeology research and training at SFU encompasses physical and chemical hydrogeology, and focuses on Groundwater Resources.

Physical Volcanology Group

The PVG studies the processes controlling persistently active volcanoes. By integrating geophysical, geochemical and remote sensing data, they investigate the precursory signals to volcanic activity and the mechanisms that trigger eruptions.

P-T Research Group

The Petrology and Tectonics Research Group characterizes the crust and upper mantle, and mineral occurrences, using methods ranging from seismic reflection to geochemistry and geochronology, coupled with field work.

Quaternary Geoscience Research Group

The QGRG supports research in Quaternary history of glaciated regions, Natural hazards and Climate change.