Jugraj Aulakh

Jugraj Aulakh

EASC Undergraduate Student

Graduated 2021 -  B.Sc.

Major: Earth Sciences

What got you interested in Earth Sciences?
I’ve always been fascinated by the processes that shape our planet: the tectonic plates, the explosive volcanoes, the formation of mountains and everything else that happened to make our planet what it is today. My high school teacher also inspired me to go for this program as I was always curious to know more about rocks and minerals.

Why did you choose SFU EASC?
SFU is well known for its geology program across Canada. The course structure is well framed to provide best education and experience to the students. Additionally, SFU has small class sizes which results in more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the instructor and students.

What has been your favourite course so far?
I have enjoyed all the courses that I’ve done so far, but Introduction to Petrology has been one of my favourite course as I was able to see geological processes happening at the microscopic level. Most of the time, when we are learning about geology, we are studying things happening on a massive scale; but Petrology gave me an opportunity to look at the opposite end of the spectrum, how something so minute was affecting things on much larger scale. 

What has been your best learning experience?
I found field-based courses to be immensely helpful as they provide a quick and efficient learning path where I was able to put my theoretical knowledge into use in real world. Additionally, these courses give the valuable experiences of team work and outdoor work.

Have you done work with faculty on their research?
This past summer I worked with an SFU professor, studying different sedimentary rocks deposited in the Nanaimo region of Vancouver Island. We were trying to co-relate the sedimentary rocks with the deposits occurring further north in order to understand the depositional environments.

EASC Prof. Shahin Dashtgard, M.Sc. student Kristian Girotto, and Jugraj in the field

What advice would you offer current/future students?
The more time you spend in lab reviewing the samples, the easier it’ll be for you to understand the theory. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask; professors are always there to assist. And, don’t just learn for better grades, learn for better understanding of the subject matter.

Jugraj, on traverse during EASC 306