Earth Sciences Undergraduate Scholarship

The EASC Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded annually in the Fall term to an undergraduate student(s) in their final year of an approved major or honors degree in Earth Sciences, based on academic performance in upper level Earth Sciences courses. The student must be a major in the Department of Earth Sciences and must have completed three full years of study in the department. The award will be presented to the student who meets these requirements and has the highest cumulative GPA among his or her peers, and with a minimum GPA of 3.5. The award will normally be $2500, presented each year.

You can help this support this scholarship by contributing to the endowment.

The EASC Undergraduate Scholarship was established in 2005 from an endowed fund made possible by a generous gift fromDr. John Clague and a matching contribution from SFU. The scholarship has grown over the years from continued donations by Dr. Clague, faculty and staff in the Department of Earth Sciences.  Dr. Clague is Professor Emeritus in Earth Sciences and former Tier 1 Canadian Research Chair and head of the Centre for Natural Hazards Research. 


The Earth Sciences Undergraduate Scholarship is adjudicated in the Financial Aid and Awards office. Students should apply on-line for the scholarship directly to Financial Aid. The scholarship will be awarded by the Senate Undergraduate Awards Adjudication Committee.