EASC Seminar Series

Seminars are open to the general public and are offered in-person and online.  If you'd like to attend any of the "Online" events, please contact the EASC Graduate Secretary (eascgsec@sfu.ca) for information on how to join.

The Earth Sciences' Department hosts an ongoing seminar series in the Spring (Jan-Apr) and Fall (Sept-Dec) semesters of each year. Speakers for the Spring EASC Seminar Series are nearly set. All talks, unless otherwise noted, are on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 p.m at SSB 7172 as well as Online via Zoom.

If you are interested in giving a presentation to the department, please contact Dr. Sergio Sepulveda.

Spring 2024 Series

Date / Location
Speaker / Title

Fri. Jan. 19
11:00 am in
SSB 7172

Matthew Becker
California Sate University/
2024 National Ground Water Association Darcy Lecturer

"How Groundwater Impacts the People and Ecosystems of the South Pacific Islands"

Thurs Feb. 1
2:30 pm in
SSB 7172

Ian Graham
Oroco Resource Corp.

"Critical Minerals Development Projects: Three Diverse Project Cases in Context of their Peers and Markets"

Thurs Feb. 8
2:30 pm in
SSB 7172

James Kirkpatrick
McGill University / GAC Hutchison Lecturer

"When Earthquakes Go Slow Motion"

Thurs Feb. 15
2:30 pm in
SSB 7172

Shahin Dashtgard
SFU Earth Sciences, ARISE Research Group

"Geology of the Fraser River Delta and Why It’s Important"

Thurs Feb. 29
2:30 pm in
SSB 7172

Eileen van der Flier-Keller
SFU Earth Sciences


Thurs Mar. 14
2:30 pm in
SSB 7172

Jaspreet Singh
SFU Earth Sciences' PostDoc

"Navigating Landslides through Computational"

Thurs Mar. 21
2:30 pm Online

Davide Elmo
University of British Columbia

"A Discussion on the Metaphyscial Nature of Rock Bridges and the Quest to Measure their Conditional Exisitence"

Mon. Mar. 25
10:30am in
SSB 7172

Daniel Ariztegui
University of Geneva /
International Assoc. of Sedimentology Special Lecture Tour

"Biotic and Abiotic Signatures in Lacustrine Carbonates and their Application to the Earth and Planetary Fossil Record"

Thurs Apr. 4
2:30 pm in
SSB 7172

Gwenn Flowers
SFU Earth Sciences, Glaciology Group

"Understanding Glacier Processes to Decode the Drivers of Glacier Change"

Thurs Apr. 11
2:30 pm in
SSB 7172

John Clague
SFU Earth Sciences'

"Aftermath of a Terminal-Pleistocene Megaflood from a Huge Glacier-dammed Lake in British Columbia"