Kenya Franz

Kenya Franz

EASC Undergraduate Student

Graduated 2022 -  B.Sc.

Major: Earth Sciences, Geology Stream
Minor: Statistics

What got you interested in Earth Sciences?
I took an elective in my first year of university and absolutely loved it. It shouldn't have been much of a surprise, Earth Sciences was also my favourite topic in highschool. I love that it incorporates all the other sciences and applies them to our planet (and occasionally other planets).

Why did you choose SFU EASC?
I chose SFU EASC because it was the most convenient option with the shortest commute. However I would choose it again because of the smaller class sizes which allows for a more personal learning experience, attentive professors, and closer friendships with classmates.

What has been your best learning experience?
My best learning experience has been in the field geology classes and the labs. Hands-on learning experiences are absolutely wonderful and challenging, but the best part are the lasting friendships that come from learning together.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about people and how they relate to each other and the world. It's really had a two-fold benefit at university and for a geology degree. In my personal life, having people to laugh with and commiserate with has really helped to keep me feeling positive when challenges arise. Academically, I can ask myself  "Why do people care about this?" and it really helps to focus and solidify what I am learning.

What are your plans after SFU EASC?
Every year I am in this program I learn of more and more opportunities. My current preferences are to work as an exploration geologist or as an applied geoscientist at a data science company involved in making software for exploration.

Kenya and classmates in the field during EASC 206

What advice would you offer current/future students?
In the first year, I'd recommend talking to your academic advisor on how to best take advantage of SFU's 3 semester system. Spreading out the 1st year courses can help to ease the transition to university and set you up for further success. That choice is very personal, and your academic advisor will be able to help you make the best choice for yourself.

I'd also recommend finding the Earth Science Student Union common room and taking advantage of the resources they have for students such as textbooks, lab supplies, and comradeship.

Robbie Donald leads EASC 206 on "Pancake" Mountain, near Merritt, BC