Areas of interest

Ichnology, shallow marine environments.

Dr. Bann completed her PhD in ichnology and sedimentology in Australia at the University of Wollongong in 1998. The project involved the study of world class outcrops along the south coast of New South Wales. She then completed a two year post doc at the University of Queensland on reservoir intervals in outcrop and core in the Bowen Basin. In 2003 she moved to Calgary and completed a 2 year post doc with the Ichnology Research Group at the University of Alberta. During this time she studied both ancient and modern coastal and marine sedimentary environments. Upon completion of this she established a consulting company, Ichnofacies Analysis Inc. where she has worked on a large number of local and international projects in core, outcrop and modern environments. She also became an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University where she has been involved with post graduate students and numerous research projects. Although working as a consultant, Kerrie continues to take an active role in several ongoing research projects with a number of colleagues from different institutions world wide.