Madeleine Sauve

M.Sc. Candidate, TASC1 7004

Areas of interest

Regional Quaternary Geology and Glacial History in the Iskut Area

Madeleine’s research focuses on developing a conceptual model of complex glacial valley fill sequences associated with the last glacial maximum in Northern British Columbia. Her study area is located to the south-east of Iskut, BC in a zone where there was likely ice flow reversal due to migration of an ice divide during the last glaciation. The research methods will include detailed air photo interpretations, fieldwork, drill hole data analysis and analysis of both aerial photograph imagery and lidar. Understanding the glacial processes and the resulting complex sediment deposits is important to many industries and specifically the findings of this research may be of import to mining companies sampling glacial sediments for mineral exploration and geotechnical companies working on large infrastructure projects in the area.