Cassia Snyder

M.Sc. Candidate
Physical Volcanology Group

Areas of interest

Cassia’s research is utilizing amphibole reaction rims to determine the processes causing the breakdown products. The decomposition of amphibole can be caused by several factors including melt degassing, temperature increase or oxidation of the melt. These factors can constrain magma storage timelines, magma dynamics and ascent rates. This is becoming increasingly important for volcanic forecasting and hazard prevention. Cassia’s work will be predominantly geochemistry-based to understand the internal dynamics of Mount Garibaldi and Opal Cone, both volcanic features of the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt (GVB). Further analysis of GVB samples will include plagioclase growth rates, microlite densities and trace elements for an increased understanding of magma ascent rate and risk assessment for future eruptions.