Easton Elia

M.Sc. Candidate, TASC1 7004
Quaternary Geoscience Research Group

Areas of interest

Mapping mineral dispersal trains in subglacial tills from remotely piloted aircraft systems.

Easton's research focuses on using remotely piloted aircraft systems and their associated instruments to map till dispersal and investigate till provenance in in British Columbia. By using mounted radiometric and magnetic sensors, radioelement geochemistry and magnetics maps can be produced for areas of subglacial till with high mineral potential. This approach at using till composition to explore for buried mineralization integrates Quaternary geology and applied geophysics with commercially available hardware and software. Remotely piloted aircraft systems allow rapid and uniform collection of geophysical data, and produces higher resolution products compared to traditional airborne surveys. When combined, radioelement geochemistry and magnetics maps may be used to create a cost-effective alternative to traditional drift prospecting.