Notable Alumni

Chris Dumfries

BA (Honours) Economics, 1970

As Simon Fraser University approaches its 50th anniversary, SFU Charter Alumnus Chris Dumfries is one of a select few who were present from the beginning – and is able to boast that he has remained engaged ever since.

As President of the Simon Fraser Student Society, Chris was central to promoting change with the help of his peers. Together, they were instrumental in persuading the administration to pay for a mail out ballot during the summer semester in 1969, ensuring all students could vote in selecting a new president, resulting in the appointment of Kenneth Strand. Strand remained president of SFU until 1974, and is commemorated with Strand Hall located at the SFU Burnaby campus.

Now retired after a successful career as a real estate appraiser, Chris remains engaged with the school as an alumnus, exercising his right to vote for the SFU Alumni Association and Senate each year, as well as regularly donating to the university for the last 40 years. As a student, Chris was the beneficiary of a small bursary; experiencing firsthand the difference this makes to student life has since provided the motivation to donate.

In addition to seeing how much the university has expanded physically over the last 50 years, Chris notes the far greater number of educational programs options available to students these days – as well as the increased choice of cafeteria food.

Chris can now view the changes SFU has undergone and be proud that he played a small part in making the university what it is today. “I was one of many trying to implement change for the better, but if we had even a little to do with the success SFU has today, then that is something I am very proud of.”

Last updated August 31, 2017