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  • Collyn Gagne and Swetal Patel named Fall 2021 economics undergraduate award winners


Collyn Gagne and Swetal Patel named Fall 2021 economics undergraduate award winners

October 04, 2021

Congratulations to Collyn Gagne and Swetal Patel whose outstanding academic performance and passion for economics has earned them this year's Glenn Berg Enterprising Achiever Award and the Pamela Yoon Award in Economics

Glenn Berg Enterprising Achiever Award 

Created by SFU economics alumnus Glenn Berg, this award recognizes economics students for their participation in extracurricular activities while achieving academic excellence.

2021 - Collyn Gagne 

I originally came to SFU in 2018 to study Earth Sciences, however after taking Principles of Microeconomics as an elective in my second year I switched to economics. The course provides a logical framework for interpreting real-world problems, and I found myself gladly spending lots of time on coursework. This led to me enrolling in more economics classes and eventually becoming a part of the Economics Honours program. As I have been pursuing my degree I have also been a member of the SFU varsity swim team, and have competed across Canada and internationally as a result. Once I complete my degree I plan on continuing my swimming career whilst studying economics in graduate school, and I hope to apply economic principles in the analysis of current Canadian and foreign macroeconomic policies.

Pamela Yoon Award in Economics

Founded by SFU Economics alumnus Pamela Yoon, the award (valued at $1,000) is granted annually to a full-time undergraduate student who has demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in finance after graduation. 

2021 - Swetal Patel


I started my journey at Simon Fraser University in September 2018 and am just about to finish my undergraduate degree with a major in Economics and a minor in Business Administration. I am a goal-oriented individual who truly believes in two things: that all knowledge is power and that if you love what you do, you'll do it well. From the beginning of my undergraduate career, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in corporate finance. Consequently, I developed a natural liking for the subject of economics as it studies the fundamentals of how the world works. The concept of macroeconomics and financial market policies particularly piqued my interest as they taught me real-world decision-making skills. From a practical perspective, I learned to understand market fluctuations, research company growth, and analyze organizational trends for overarching profit maximization. These were all things I enjoyed learning about and helped me apply the knowledge from my degree to real-time use. With this, I knew I wanted a career focussing on these subject areas as I continued my journey, both academically and professionally. Additionally, I hope to use my experience and teach others the value of education and financial control. My dream is to open a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young children about why education and financial responsibility work simultaneously in creating bright futures and supporting economic sustainability, especially in their local communities. Collectively, I hope this initiative illuminates the idea of positive economic growth worldwide. For me, I want to see the world I live in thrive, and the passion I carry in everything I do pushes me to always strive for ambitious goals as a result.