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Patrick Weston receives 2022 Glenn Berg Undergraduate Award in Economics

November 24, 2022

Congratulations to Patrick Weston who has been awarded the 2022 Glenn Berg Enterprising Achiever Award in Economics. Patrick is currently the President of the Simon Fraser University Economics Student Society (ESS).

The award was created by SFU economics alumnus, Glenn Berg, who was employed throughout his own honours degree and was an entrepreneur who funded his university studies with his own landscaping business. Glenn understands firsthand the challenges of working and being involved in the community, while completing an honours degree at the same time.

The award recognizes economics majors and honours students for participation in extracurricular activities while achieving academic excellence.

Patrick Weston

"As I approach my final semester at SFU, I can’t help but appreciate the connections, friendships, and opportunities that have come to me through this school. Having transferred from another Canadian university after my first year, I was determined to make the most of my experience at SFU.

"In my first week at SFU, I struck up a conversation with a member of the SFU Economics Student Society at Clubs’ day. Little did I know, this casual conversation would ultimately change the trajectory of my university experience. It marked the beginning of my four years of involvement with the Economics Student Society (ESS). Through the ESS I have made countless meaningful connections with both students and faculty members. As the current ESS President, my focus has been to connect Economics students in the post-virtual learning world.

"In the latter half of my degree, I discovered my passion for the law. I am particularly interested in the ways in which economic principles appear in legal decisions via considerations of efficiency and transaction costs. This passion has motivated me to excel in the final years of my studies to become a competitive candidate for law school. In September of 2023, I will be attending law school. I plan on using my legal education to pursue a career in civil litigation with the goal of starting my own law practice."