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Ditij Beladiya receives 2023 Glenn Berg Undergraduate Award in Economics

October 19, 2023

Congratulations to Ditij Beladiya who has been awarded the 2023 Glenn Berg Enterprising Achiever Award in Economics. Ditij is currently the Vice President of the Simon Fraser University Economics Student Society (ESS).

The award was created by SFU economics alumnus, Glenn Berg, who was employed throughout his own honours degree and was an entrepreneur who funded his university studies with his own landscaping business. Glenn understands firsthand the challenges of working and being involved in the community, while completing an honours degree at the same time.

The award recognizes economics majors and honours students for participation in extracurricular activities while achieving academic excellence.

Ditij Beladiya

"I became a part of the SFU community in April 2020. Within the field of economics, I've developed a strong passion for econometrics, the branch of economics that employs statistical methods to analyze and interpret data. What drew me more was the application of different concepts that I was learning in a vast amount of fields. 

Outside academics, I'm gaining valuable experience as a Reporting Analyst with BC Pension Corp, where I apply my analytical skills in a professional context. Furthermore, I'm actively involved in various extracurricular activities. I proudly serve as the Vice-President of the Economics Student Society, where I have the opportunity to contribute to the academic and social growth of our student community. Lastly, I am a member of the FASS Peer Mentor program, where I assist fellow students in navigating their first year at university.

As I gaze into the future, my plans are a kaleidoscope of excitement. I intend to gain work experience for a few years before making a firm decision to pursue a Master's degree. This period of professional growth will allow me to explore different aspects of the field and ultimately make an informed choice regarding my future academic path."

Congratulations Ditij!