Get started with DAM

SFU Campus Network is required to access the DAM

To access this app, you must be connected to SFU campus network (If you are working remotely, connect to the SFU VPN beforehand).

How to Access the DAM

Step 1. On your browser, visit

Step 2. Log in with your SFU account. This account should be the sponsor of the sponsored account you wish to provide delegated access.

Step 3. Once logged in, you should see a list of sponsored accounts you own on the left side of the app. Select the account you wish to enable delegated access.

Step 4. Select "Enable Delegated Access" if this is your first time activating delegated access for this sponsored account.

Step 5. After enabling delegated access, you can choose one of the following:

What are the types of roles on DAM?

There are 3 types of roles on DAM:

  1. Sponsor: Person or role who is responsible for the account life cycle (request, activation, renewal, deactivation, etc. and associated payment). The primary holder of the account's password.
  2. Manager: Person or role who is responsible for managing delegated access to the account (i.e., on/offboarding), and may need to access the account for day-to-day work. Each sponsored account can have more than one manager.
  3. Delegate: Person or role who needs to access the account for day-to-day work. Each sponsored account can have more than one delegate.

What is delegated access or delegate login?

By having delegated access to a sponsored account, you can now access that account (e.g., SFU Mail via web browser) using your own SFU account credentials. This type of login is referred to as delegate login – i.e., logging into a different account using your own credentials.

Note: Delegate login is currently only available to web-based CAS protected services (e.g., SFU Mail via web browser). 

I've added delegates to my sponsored account, how does delegate login work for my delegates?

Once you have given delegated access to another individual, they will receive a welcome email with login instructions. You can also direct them to the how-to page on delegate login for sponsored account for more details.