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Political Science French-Language Sessional Instructor Positions

Spring 2024

The French Cohort Program is seeking sessional instructors for FOUR courses taught in French:

  • POL 244-F100 - Canada in the World
  • POL 253-F100 - Introduction to Public Policy
  • POL 459-F100 - Selected Topics in Governance (applicants to propose a topic)
  • POL 459-F200 - Selected Topics in Governance (applicants to propose a topic)


Deadline to apply: October 13, 2023
Please see PDF - FCP Spring 2024 SI Postings 

TA Positions




Positions available:

Teaching Assistant - POL 317 (3.17 BU) 

Deadline to Apply - Sunday, September 24, at 5:00 PM PST 

Courses and tutorials are subject to change. Our ability to offer them is contingent upon final budgetary auhorization and enrolment numbers. Please keep this in mind when you apply. 

Note: Before applying for TA/TM positons please be sure that the courses you are applying for do not conflict with your own course and/or work schedule. TAs must be available for the lecture and tutorials they are assigned to (students are typically assigned 3 tutorial sections). TM positions may require onsite exam invigilation. Course schedules can be found via goSFU under Class Search.

Course # Course Title Location Instructor TA/TM Additional Qualifications
100 Introduction to Politics and Government  Burnaby Sanjay Jeram TA   
100 Introduction to Politics and Government  Surrey Stewart Prest TA  
141 International Relations Burnaby  Radoslav Dimitrov TA  
151 Justice and Law  Burnaby Clare McGovern TA  
151 Justice and Law Surrey Stewart Prest TA  
200W Investigating Politics: Research Design and Qualitative Methods Burnaby Sanjay Jeram TA  
201 Introductory Quantitative Methods in Political Science Burnaby Steven Weldon TA must have experience with statistical program R and advanced courses in quantitative analysis in Social Sciences
210 Introduction to Political Philosophy  Burnaby Laurent Dobuzinskis  TA  
221 Introduction to Canadian Government Burnaby Clare McGovern TA  
310 Identity Politics Burnaby  Sessional  TA  
312 Modern and Contemporary Political Thought Burnaby Sessional TA  
317 Migration, Identity, and Citizenship  Burnaby Sessional TA  
325 Language and Politics Burnaby Sessional TA  
330 Protecting Human Rights: Courts, Constitutions and Legislatures Burnaby Sessional TA  
344 International Law Burnaby Sessional TA  
346 International Organization Burnaby Sessional TA  
351 Immigration, Integration, and Public Policy in Canada Burnaby Sessional TA  

Priority System for TA Allocation 



The Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA) will be hiring a Teaching Assistant for Fall 2023 to offer French-language support to all students enrolled in the French Cohort Program in Public and International Affairs (FCP)—a multidisciplinary program in Political Science, French and History, which is taught primarily in French. The workload includes consultations with students to offer linguistic support as well as language corrections for writing assignments for Political Science and History courses taught in French.