Talks, seminars, and keynotes

SIAT faculty members are active in the research community and frequently provide talks, seminars, and keynote addresses within our community. Explore some of the most recent faculty talks and visit our YouTube page for more.

Designing for more than human-centred worlds

Professor Ron Wakkary discusses designing for more than human-centred worlds as part of the IAAC Lecture Series.

AI and creativity

Professor Philippe Pasquier discusses AI and creativity at the Expanded Animation Symposium organized by the Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Arts Electronica.

How we can use virtual reality to support our mental health

In this TEDxSFU talk, post-doctoral fellow Dr. Alexandra Kitson discusses the unique opportunities virtual reality holds for emotion regulation skills development backed by her research on designing virtual reality experiences that elicit strong emotional responses and inspired by her work as a crisis centre volunteer.

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Professor Steve DiPaola discusses computational AI modelling for creativity with the Royal Society of Canada.

Research through design with William Odom

Associate professor Will Odom discusses research through design, present projects exploring slow technologies, and answer questions about what this methodology entails.

Could virtual reality make us more human?

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly powerful and accessible, and offers the unique opportunity to provide first-hand interactive and embodied experiences. Professor Bernhard Riecke paints a vision at TedXEastVan of how we could use this potential for empowering people to create positive experiences worth spreading.

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