Spaces & Equipment

The School of Interactive Arts & Technology has many facilities, work spaces, studios, and equipment available to students dedicated to project, research, and digital media creation. Our students also have access to a large pool of cutting-edge equipment.

Solid Space Fabrication & Prototyping Lab

The SIAT Solid Space Fabrication and Prototyping Lab allows students to realize their digital design projects in a tangible way. Notable machines are 2 ULS laser cutters, a Fortus 250mc 3D printer, an Ultimaker 3d printer, CNC and 3D scanners. There is also an assortment of woodworking tools and portable power tools. The lab is located in rooms 3701 and 3702.

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Studio SIAT Editing Suites

The newly upgraded Studio SIAT Editing Suites are a collaborative environment with tools to foster student creative productions. With three different types of editing suites we can meet your design, illustration and animation, sound, effects, and editing post production needs.

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Studio SIAT Motion Effects Studio

The Studio SIAT Motion Effects Studio (MES) is a space for students to combine interactive motion effects and motion capture for animation, video, and virtual and augmented reality. The room features a large green backdrop allowing students to impose digital effects to their footage as well as an integrated motion capture system for creation of virtual production performances.

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Studios and Working Spaces

Studio A and Studio B

SIAT has two dedicated student studio spaces in room 3875 (Studio A) and 3020 (Studio B) on the SFU Surrey campus. These studios have been designed for students to work on projects in a team environment, and are adaptable to the changing needs of the project being worked on.

General working spaces

There are general work and study spaces available to students in the SFU at Central City (SRYC) and SFU on University Drive (SRYE) buildings. Students can book team room spaces using the online booking platform.


All SIAT undergraduate equipment is managed by the SFU Surrey library. Equipment available to students include DSLR cameras, filming equipment, and virtual reality headsets.

You can see a complete list of equipment available through the library website.