A concentration is an area of specialization that approved students in the SIAT Major may pursue within their Bachelor’s degree. SIAT offers three areas of concentration in media arts, design, and interactive systems. Students apply for their area of concentration after completing at least 27 units of lower-level core courses (including IAT, CPMT 120, and MATH requirements).

Students need a minimum 3.0 IAT GPA (grade point average) in order to declare a concentration. Students in a concentration will receive priority registration for that concentration's courses for 2 years. Note that priority does not guarantee a seat in a course.

Students who are not accepted into a concentration may take concentration required courses. Students who complete the concentration requirements may choose to apply for recognition of the completed concentration on their degrees at the time of graduation.

Students may complete more than one concentration. All completed concentrations will be recognized on their degrees. 


Applications to concentrations are accepted three times a year.


  • Summer Semester – February 1st
  • Fall Semester – June 1st
  • Spring Semester – October 1st

Applications are completed through an online form.



Students in our design concentration examine the relationship between people and technology and how thoughtful design practices improve these relations. Design principles are examined in order to improve the accessibility and intuitive nature associated with using technology. It also has an aesthetic mandate to provide products of clarity and attractiveness suited to their functional purposes within society and industry.

Students who choose this concentration must complete six of:


Students in interactive systems learn about software applications used by people in work, living, learning and play. Interactive systems students study how to design, develop and apply interactive systems with particular emphasis on how people use them. Through a combination of computing foundations, user-centred design principles, and programming practice, this concentration prepares students for creating applications in areas such as the web, handheld devices and games.

Students who choose this concentration must complete six of:


The media arts concentration prepares students to be creators of computational and interactive media, ranging from mobile devices to large-scale virtual environments. Media Arts students learn how to analyze, design and innovate in building narrative, interactivity, video, animation, sound design, programming, performance and immersive technologies. These skills are a foundation for careers in digital entertainment, film, communications and software industries.

Students who choose this concentration must complete all of: