Spring 2022 Project Showcase

Welcome to the Spring 2022 SIAT Project Showcase! Explore some of the projects created by SIAT students throughout the semester by clicking on the links below and check out the photo gallery to see images from some of SIAT's in-person showcases. Projects ranged from short films, animations, digital games, apps, interactive artworks and more.

WeWork Together (UX feature)
By: Kitty Cheung, Emma Wu, Kelvin Liew, Jarrod Pan, and Christian Lim

Patagonia Worn Wear (digital experience)
By: Amy Liao, Andrew Tsui, Garry Grewal, Maggie Chen, Nathan Tanciangco

La Batie Drag Shop (microsite)
By: Zaac Agnes, Michelle Illing, Avril Yang, Thomas Tran, Linda Liu

ProFit (app)
By: Winkie Ng, Vincent Zhang, Christy Lam, Vicky Lau

Give Me Yesterday (microsite)
By: Sam Newaz, Jasper Precilla, Karishma Sen, Alex Luowan, Amarachi Egwim

DEFINE:BELIEF (microsite)
By: Nathan Lew, Francesca Reyes, Elsa Sinuhaji, Sahar Babaei, Jenna Lin

Deceived (short film)
By: George Lin, Anthony Liao

Growing Better (Animation)
By: Xinyang Zhang, Anneke Kluft, Tung Huynh, Jonathan Choi, Angela Lee, Clark Tanquerido

Hyberbody Wearable Prototype
By: Van Mai, Alexis Lee, Erin Teply, Andra Ciocan

FR-6 (animated short film)
By: Ethan Allwood