J Tseng

Manager, StudioSIAT
Interactive Arts & Technology

J and Studio SIAT can help with  

  • booking spaces & specialty media production equipment
  • production technical & creative consultations
  • motion capture & virtual production
  • adding to the StudioSIAT inspiration wall

About Studio SIAT

StudioSIAT is our production studio and consulting service based out of the old media and editing suites. StudioSIAT is not only an upgrade to the latest production and post production technologies, the studio now has a dedicated staff to help students and clients bring their mocap, recording, and effects projects to life. StudioSIAT houses 5 renovated editing suites, an updated Motion Effects Studio and Sound Motion Hub control room, and a soon to be renovated Sound Recording Studio. Of the editing suites two are optimised for animation and three are optimised for effects and sound editing. Three of the suites support Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) capability for students to leverage our technology when working on their own computers. Our updated Motion Effects Studio and Sound Motion Hub has extended our capability into motion capture as of September 2023.

At this time, StudioSIAT has self serve booking at https://linktr.ee/studiosiat for students enrolled in the following IAT classes: 202, 208, 313, 340, 343, 344, 443, 445, 499, and relevant directed studies. Students who are not currently enrolled in one of the listed classes may book manually by emailing siat_prod@sfu.ca up to a week in advance.