Access forms related to graduate studies.


Forms and information relating to applying to SIAT as well as specialized courses such as directed readings.

Graduate Application Document Checklist

A checklist for ensuring your SIAT graduate program application is complete.

Directed Readings Application Form

Directed readings criteria, explanation, and application form.

Award & Funding

Materials and forms related to awards and funding for graduate students.

Graduate Awards Criteria

An explanation of SIAT's selection process for award recipients.

DGS Funding Support Allocation Process

The Dean of Graduate Studies funding support allocation process, and how SIAT allocates the funding.

Graduate Fellowship Criteria

An explanation of SIAT's selection process for Graduate Fellowship recipients.

Degree Requirements

Degree checklists for Masters of Arts, Masters of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree Checklist (post-2018)

Doctor of Philosophy course requirements form for students enrolled after 2018.

Graduate Student Progress Expectations

A document detailing SIAT's expectations of how graduate students should progress through the program.

Progress Reviews & Supervision

Details about SIAT progress reviews, and student/supervisor checklists.

Graduate Progress Review - Student Form

The form for students to fill out as part of their graduate progress review.

Graduate Progress Review - Supervisor Form

The form for supervisors to fill out as part of their graduate progress review evaluation.

Policies and Recommendations

Policies and recommendations that apply to SIAT Graduate Students.

Thesis Forms & Guidelines

Materials related to thesis submission and guidelines.

Cumulative Thesis Guidelines

SIAT's guidelines for writing a cumulative thesis.

Thesis Announcement Form

Form to submit for your thesis defence announcement.