SIAT Faculty member Russell Taylor MC’s the annual Touchpoint conference.


Touchpoint 2019 Design Conference

February 25, 2019

The Touchpoint Design Conference connects SIAT’s undergraduate students and program to industry in tangible ways through a one-day conference featuring inspiring and informative talks from leading design industry professionals. This is followed by a day of interviews with those leading companies for internships for SIAT’s most accomplished students. Touchpoint was inaugurated in 2012 to better connect business and industry, design agencies and product tech to SIAT. Touchpoint brings a strong network from the very best in the design industry, from across North America, such as RG/A, Artefact, Teague, and Engine Digital in design agency work, and; Google, Facebook, Twitter, and SAP in product work.


The 2019 Touchpoint conference was held at Surrey City Hall.
Sean Wolcott, acclaimed designer and founder of Rationale design agency, delivers a feature talk on his process of designing the Minimal Calendar app.
Senior designers from top agencies and companies interview SIAT students for internships.

Between Twelve to fifteen companies participate each year, in February, during the SFU Reading Break. Touchpoint provides a platform for SIAT, FCAT, and SFU to prominently stand as a center for design. For more information, visit the website at: