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Alumni Volunteer and Engagement Opportunity - Spring 2023

Guest speakers, project mentors, workshop facilitators (in-person or online)

This semester (Spring 2023), SIAT instructor Susan Clements-Vivian is looking to have alumni join her IAT 313 Narrative and New Media class as guest speakers and/or to work with student teams (either in person or online).

Student teams are finalizing their project ideas in mid-February; projects from last semester included video games, 3D animation, film, interactive narratives, animated graphic novels, and tabletop role-playing games, among others. We are looking for alumni mentors willing to meet with student teams at the end of February to give feedback on project concepts and then to meet once or twice more with teams in March to provide guidance as the projects develop. 

Some possible areas for alumni involvement in IAT 313 include:

  • Portfolio workshop
  • Project scope workshop
  • Guest lecture
  • Working with a student team
  • Other

The course meets on Mondays from 9:30am-12:30pm.  If working with individual teams, may arrange meeting times outside of the regular scheduled class time.

If you are interested in supporting students in one of these areas, please email siatcomm@sfu.ca to indicate your interest and include your first and last name, how you would be interested in working with IAT 313 students, and if you have taken a course with Susan Clements-Vivian in the past (including course name and year).