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Chantal Gibson's new art show features work by SFU Pub and SIAT students

January 20, 2020

Chantal Gibson's new art show A Grammar of Loss: Studies in Erasure explores representations of Blackness in the Canadian cultural landscape. From outdated encyclopedias to process videos, Gibson highlights the historical erasure of Black voices while expressing the "sticky discomfort" of disrupting the past in this decolonial moment.

Books by SFU Publishing students in The Other James Baldwin Reading Room.

The show features Souvenir (2017), the multimedia installation exhibited at the ROM, MBAM, and the AGNS, as well as work from FCAT students. Making Souvenir (2017) a documentary video was created by SIAT students Allison Chen, Vicki Dancau, Francisco Berlanga and Elizabeth Lo. The Other James Baldwin Reading Room (2020) features a collection of concept books related to Gibson’s research, teaching and artistic practice, created by Publication Design students in Fall 2019.Most notably, work by videographer Adrian Bisek, Gibson’s collaborator and SIAT alumni, figures prominently across several pieces in the gallery. 

A Grammar of Loss runs at Open Space Victoria from Feb. 21 to Mar. 28, 2020.