Announcing the SIAT Photo Contest Winners

October 05, 2020

Thank you to all those who submitted photos to the SIAT photo contest! There were many fantastic submissions that highlighted the diverse courses, projects, and research taking place at SIAT.

Check out the three winning images and the stories behind each photo. 


Photographer: Melissa Ho
Title: Phone VR headset project

Description: This VR headset was made for the Materials in Design (IAT 336) course in the Spring 2019 semester. Melissa's team consisted of Cora Fu and Sahil Mann.

"We were prompted to create a VR headset using paper and wood as our primary materials. In addition to building a physical model, we went through the process of creating sketches, cardboard prototypes, 3D renders, and orthographic views for the project. The front cover was designed to imitate blinds using flexible Miura fold. Using the triangular shapes from the paper, we imitated their angular shape in our flexible exterior frame. It is a single piece of wood laser cut using a living hinge technique and tinted with black tea."


Photographer: Helen Huynh
Wireframe Sketches

Description: This image represents documentation work in-progress (wireframe sketches) for an IAT 334 (interface design) individual assignment.

"One of the first individual assignments in interface design is to analyze features of digital interfaces. This image shows the brainstorming process of ideating various methods to block or report content on a social media platform. In this case, these wireframes are based off of the old and new Facebook interface and chat apps like KakaoTalk and Whatsapp."

Photographer: Ola Alsukour
Title: Luxury in the time of Corona

Description: This image was created as a part of IAT 244 course spring 2020.

"We were challenged to create/capture a photo that represents a current social issue or visual storytelling. As COVID-19 was progressing thought North America, some necessities like toilet papers became stubbornly difficult to find and people who stockpile got more advantage

"Creating my final photography portfolio including this photo was a bit of a challenge for me as the COVID-19 interrupted the school semester and everything was shifted to be online. As a result, I had limited access to SFU’s green room, library props, or individuals to model for my photo. Eventually, I created my studio at home and posed for my photo."