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June 05, 2023
SIAT students Ola Alsukour (left) and Samantha Bachalo (right) graduate this week with bachelor degrees.

Two graduating Interactive Arts & Technology students share their diverse experiences at SIAT and offer advice to new students.

Throughout their degrees, Ola and Samantha both took part in unique opportunities. For Samantha, this was a directed studies course that allowed her to further explore animation, and for Ola, it was co-op internships that provided her with practical work experience in UX design and research.

Samantha Bachalo

Samantha Bachalo graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Arts & Technology and a minor in Contemporary Arts.

She completed her IAT degree with a concentration in media arts through which she rediscovered a passion for music and film. While at SIAT, Samantha completed a directed studies course where she was able to deep dive into 2D animation and study and practice the Disney principles of animation.

"SIAT exposed me to a diverse range of topics with a lot of room for customization of experience," says Samantha. "My academic journey was full of self-discovery and led me through so many areas. This includes foundations of graphic design and design trends, the basics of filmmaking, motion graphics, fine arts, game design, and so much more."

After graduation, Samantha plans to continue her education in 2D animation and visual development.

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Ola Alsukour

Ola Alsukour graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Arts & Technology.

After completing a degree in computer engineering and working for several years as a web developer, Ola developed an interest in the fusion of technology and creativity and decided to pursue a second degree in Interactive Arts & Technology. While exploring the diverse course offerings in SIAT, she ultimately discovered a passion for UX design.

Throughout her degree, Ola completed several co-op internships at organizations like Peacegeeks, Samsung, and Visier working in roles such as product designer, UX researcher, and UX designer.

"It was incredibly rewarding to see how my hard work, combined with the guidance and mentorship I received, translated into delivering high-quality work even as an intern," says Ola of her co-op experiences. "These moments reaffirmed my confidence in my abilities and underscored the value of the education and preparation I received at SIAT."

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