Associate professor Gabriela Aceves-Sepúlveda launches new book

March 07, 2024

Associate professor Gabriela Aceves-Sepúlveda launches book Switched On: The Dawn of Electronic Sound by Latin American Women.

Switched On is the first edited volume dedicated exclusively to the female protagonists of Latin American electronic music, edited by Luis Alvarado and Alejandra Cárdenas, and published by Contingent Sounds Berlin.

The official history of 20th-century avant-garde electronic music has been predominantly narrated from the point of view of Anglo-American and Western European experiences and largely remained focused on its male protagonists. To destabilize this history, this editorial project presents a collection of perspectives, essays, interviews, archival photos, and work reviews centred on the early electronic music production by Latin American female creators who were active from the 1960s to the 1980s (Contingent Sounds, 2024).

In the chapter dedicated to Mexican composer Alicia Urreta Arroyo (1930s-1986), Aceves Sepúlveda proposes to listen to the only photograph of Urreta found in the Mexican National Archives of Photography to "bring attention to her wide-ranging contributions to the history of sound in the arts and interrogate the gendered cultural, social, material, and disciplinary structures that have kept her contributions' out of focus." (Aceves Sepúlveda, 176)

The books also includes contributions by Lílian Campesato, Susan Campos Fonseca, Susana Sánchez Carballo, Constanza Castagnet, Cristina Collazos, Daniela Fugellie, Isabelia Herrera, Nicole L’Huillier, Alma Laprida, Marcela Perrone, Marcela Lucatelli, Ana María Romano G., Adaivis Marrón Pérez, Jacqueline Nova, Sofía Scheps, Madelline Sevilla, Natasha Tiniacos, Paola Torres Núñez del Prado, and Gabi Yaya.

Orders for the book will start being shipped on March 10, 2024.

Learn more about the book and order your copy at Contigent Sounds.