Argon Chalice Redesign

By: Catelyn Sue, Karson Nguyen, Erika Wang, and Matthew Yang
Course: IAT 312 Foundations of Game Design

Description: Argon Chalice (Redesign) is a game design project focusing on game narrative made in Unity for IAT 312. The game follows the Adventurer (player) as they enter an ancient crypt in search of the rumoured Argon Chalice, passing through complicated and confusing chambers and encountering enemies and bosses along the way. The game involves 2D puzzle-solving, ranging from easy to complex, as well as turn-based RPG combat using keyboard and mouse controls to play mini-games to determine damage dealt to enemies.

Argon Chalice (Redesign) is coded entirely by the team’s two developers, implemented in Unity by the level designers, and all visual assets present in the game, including the sprites of the character, enemies, pick up objects, chests, buttons and map tiles, animations, attacks, backgrounds, etc., are created by the team’s visual artist in digital illustration software.

Play the game here.