Argon Chalice Redesign

By: Hanieh Barazandeh, Caitlin Chan, Wildan Tao, and Tiffany Yu
Course: IAT 312 Foundations of Game Design

Description: Our project is a redesign of the Argon Chalice game in Minecraft. Starting the game, the player leads the hero to two books and equipment such as armour, weapon, and some food. The book gives the player the context about the instructions and narrative of the story within the game. The goal is to collect all the pieces of an artifact as specified by the merchant who offered the mission to the hero. The equipment given at the start of the game can be used for survivability and crafting.

The hero, controlled by the player, follows a path filled with a wide range of challenges and enemies that increases in difficulty as the player navigates through the path deeper. In order to survive and succeed in his mission, they have to defeat the enemies and overcome the challenges successfully based on the players control and navigation skills using the keyboard. The challenges within the game such as lava, key puzzles and different types of parkour require a lot of skill, dedication, and intelligence.

After completing the challenges, the player is rewarded with artifacts or objects such as arrows that they can use later on or craft items with. The player will lead the hero to a dungeon in the end where they will face their final challenge.